Meet Mark

Mark Lago was born and raised in Miami, FL, the son of parents who immigrated from Cuba in 1962. Like many immigrants, his parents were willing to work hard to achieve the American dream.

From a very young age, his parents instilled great values and morals in him. Despite the financial strain, his parents insisted on providing him a good education. They enrolled him into kindergarten at Florida Christian School where he stayed until he graduated.

When he was eight, his mother and father were laid off from Eastern Airlines where they were both working. His mother got a job at the University of Miami. As a result, it ensured that Lago would be able to get an excellent education.

During high school, Mark joined the U.S. Customs Explorer program where he learned about law enforcement, community, and valuable life lessons. While in college, Mark obtained a trainee real estate appraisal license and began appraising residential real estate. After a few years, he earned a general appraisal license and began to appraise commercial real estate, which he still holds.

While at the University of Miami, received his undergraduate degree in Sociology with a Minor in Business Administration. Mark also joined the Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity where he participated in philanthropic and charity events such as Habitat for Humanity and the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

In the midst of the great recession, he started his commercial real estate appraisal firm. Despite the recession, Lago was able to build his clientele and prosper until he realized he wanted to learn another side of the business.  He was hired by Bayview Asset Management to value commercial construction projects and commercial real estate loan portfolios.

In 2012, Lago and his wife, Rebecca moved to the City of South Miami. She is the Brand Manager for Concrete Beach Brewery and is on the Early Childhood Education Board at Temple Judea.

Realizing he wanted to grow his skill set and increase his knowledge base, Lago pursued an M.B.A. program at Nova Southeastern. He finished with an overall 3.8 GPA.

While pursuing his M.B.A., Lago was promoted to develop a nationwide program for residential real estate repair program for the firm's residential properties. During this time, Lago and Rebecca were expecting their first child, their daughter Hayden. Their son Ethan was born shortly after that.

Mark is currently a commercial real estate appraiser at BBG a nation wide real estate valuation firm where he is currently pursuing an MAI designation from the Appraisal Institute. 

Mark has recently focused his attention on the challenges of our local government. Consequently, it has reignited his passion for constant learning and improvement. He is a special magistrate for Miami-Dade County's value adjustment board. There he is a judge for residential and commercial property tax appeal hearings. Previously, he served on the South Miami Planning Board. 

Consequently, he has decided to run for Mayor. He knows that his knowledge, background and problem-solving skills, will bring new ideas and outside the box thinking that will move our city in the best direction possible to serve our resident. He wants to be your next Mayor to be your voice. Lago's goal is to promote solutions for our continued prosperity and progress.